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About Curry King Foods

Our Company Is Dedicated To Providing You With The Best Quality Products. At Curry King Foods , we are committed to providing you with the best products and customer service. So, go ahead and explore our range of products and place your order today!

For the last 30 Years we have been supplying the curry powders , Whole Spices and Packed Food Products to International & domestic markets. We have proven our track with pure and quality curry powders without any chemicals, preservatives/additives. We assure the quality, quantity & purity of our products with most advanced machinery and thorough checkups in different stages of the manufacturing process. With the excellent quality and purity in the raw materials used, Curry King Curry powder has done its benchmark in the Food Industry. With the varieties of masala & curry powders and packed food products CURRY KING FOODS is common in all Kitchens. Our excellence in quality of products has made us a strong player in the market.

Our Directors

Mr. Gnanavelu Richard

Mr. Balamurali

Our Strengths

Food Safety and Quality Policy Statement

The strength and success of our business is based on trust. Customers and consumers trust us to provide safe, quality products, which meet the needs of consumers and comply with all relevant legislation. By working closely with both our customers and suppliers, our objective is continual improvement: in our services, our products and the development of our people. All employees are made aware of our commitment to food safety and quality and with relevant ongoing training they will work to consistently achieve the Company’s aims. Through management leadership, all personnel will accept their responsibilities for ensuring that the Company’s quality, safety and hygiene standards are met. We will employ suitable people and provide necessary resources to seek ways of further improving our products and services, thereby underpinning long-term trading relationships.

We are committed to socially responsible sourcing, using suppliers who adhere to relevant legislation and International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions. We recognize the effect we can have on the environment, but through conscious raw material sourcing and programmers of reduction, reuse and recycling we aim to minimize the impact.

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